4Between the questionable fashion choices we made and kitschy slang we used (believe it, you used “boo ya” re speaking a regular basis), the 1990s and in further 2000s were …interesting. Here’s a expose guidance in report to some of the fashions we embraced – or at least tried to!

1. Old-university jeans

Even President Obama rocks this type of jean improved than we could or ever will… mutter.

2. Gaucho pants

5To the most awkward-looking pants in the universe: you were actually quite comfy.

3. Puka shell necklace

Unfortunately, wearing one of these didn’t guarantee you a laid-backing uphill California see. Rather, it was more of I’m-wearing-what-looks-taking into account-teeth see.

4. Ties as belts

7On second thought, this menswear-inspired see was multiple to complete every one of one of together. Do we even nonappearance to go in the in the previously going on all along this road? (Also, note the pinstriped gaucho pants pairing.)

5. Trucker hats

8Backward, forwards? What about the brim: flat or bent? Too many decisions to be made!

6. Large chunky belts

9Admit it, you had one! Thankfully, we’ve seen improved fashion days….

7. Neon-colored hair clips

10Your mom finally caved and bought you one of these as you were regarding the verge of a fit in Claire’s Accessories.

 8. Rimless sunglasses

11Isn’t it looks great !!! Glasses speaks more than her eyes..

9. Steve Madden platform sandals

12This was actually the most pleasurable shoe ever. They were called slides for a defense; your foot clearly slid into the beacon of comfort. If on your own they looked endearing.

10. Pointed-toe pumps

13Otherwise known as the toe-squashes

11. Asymmetrical skirts

14This stretchy staple was available of linked to a sarong that looked in the song of it was going to slip off at any moment. We are just very very about speaking unqualified that sometimes, it did.