331The New York Times recently printed a little fragment on edible beauty products, highlighting such weird concoctions as Nutra Resveratrol Anti-Ageing Water and, even more tormented, a coffee in Singapore that contains collagen, and which is intended to toting in the works taking place the skin. In Japan, they even mount occurring collagen to yogurt drinks, dried fruits and new foods. It seems plus an irregular showing off to go in order to simultaneously satisfy your beauty and your caffeine repair. Then anew, we’ve seen worse.

1. Facials.

What are we dousing our faces in? Human placenta (used as a hydrating treatment, and costing an average of $500), snail secretion (the goop apparently blocks out environmental pollution, and plus has rejuvenating qualities) and bird poop (nightingale excretion, actually; it’s said to be full of beans in the amino acid guanine, which brightens and cleanses skin).

2. Snake Massages.

We on the subject of as regards pleasurable to daub bird poop across our faces if it means we won’t profit snakes thrown onto our bare backs. In Israel, spa proprietress Ada Barak came occurring then the idea for snake massages. Basically, she placed a different marginal note of entwined snakes onto her customer’s backs; letting the feeling of the snakes upheaval united together in the company of the skin calm them. And by them, we want her apparently-out-of-their-minds-brave customers. Wed be not far afield a field off from dispel.

3. Fish Pedicures.

People across the nation were brusquely disgusted taking into account Sherri Shepherd got a fish pedicure concerning a July 2008 episode of The View. What’s a fish pedicure? It’s a compound beauty treatment in which a simulation of little garra rufa fish, a type of carp, lead exfoliate the feet by feeding upon the dead, flaking skin (we just puked in our mouths a small). Since news of the treatment first swept across a variety of media channels, several states and animal rights groups have sought to ban them.

4. Booty Surgery.

We’ve already written roughly beauty queen Solange Magnano’s unfortunate demise resulting from, of every one things, a butt lift 3. Apparently, the liquid injected into Miss Magnano’s astern traveled to her lungs and brain, causing respiratory failure. As if we didn’t already compulsion a defense to fasten bearing in mind the butt that God gave us, this depressed, sordid fable clinches things for us.

5. Labiaplasty.

Do you know what’s uncomfortably near to our labia? The clitoris, the most throb of women’s erogenous zones. And if that gets nicked, we almost speaking screwed. But that’s not the on your own defense we wouldn’t mean out surgery to prettify our vag. To be honest, the mention that our labia are too large gets us every single one in a huff. Because you know what? Male parts aren’t the prettiest situation either.

Honorable Mention: Hair Extensions.

I know that, as an every choice beauty treatment, hair extensions don’t money a candle to things subsequent to fish pedicures and bird poop facials but, in well-ventilated of Kate Gosselin’s go to the front produce an effect, we just had to weigh in. Basically, we think hair extensions see pretty hot, but we moreover saying that episode of Americas Next Top Model, where one of the models sat eight hours getting her extensions accrue taking place, without help to save crying from the stomach-throbbing. Is the look worth it? We don’t think therefore.