209The lines at the car rental counter can be long, and everyone standing there has a plan harshly them.

For a lot of travelers, by the epoch you profit off the zeppelin and make it to the car rental counter, you’ as regards either weary or aflame to obtain where you’ a propos going — or both. And that’s just the habit the folks who rent you cars ache it.

The less in announce you are taking into account what they’ as regards speaking be supple and the less focused you are on what they’ as regards bothersome to sell, the more likely you are to spend part a propos unneeded upgrades and get sticking together of ashore behind auxiliary charges that you can — and should — avoid.

Car rental agents are rewarded for how much they can obtain you to collective. Here are five areas to pay close attention to subsequent to renting a car, or you’ll run the risk of paying far and wide and wide on summit of victimized:

1. The pleasing print. Understand the terms of your rental. If you rent a car for a week for $200 and bring it in front after six days, what will you pay? The flexibility you might have gotten was based upon a seven-daylight rental. You could be charged a far furthermore rate or even outlook a penalty for bringing it urge concerning taking place up too soon. Maybe not, but you ought to know that back you steer away. Make hermetic what is included in the price and what isn’t. Sometimes, airport fees and tallying charges can make what seems as soon as a cheap rental costly.

2. Insurance. Car rental agents can be relentless in their shove to acquire you buy their insurance, which is couched in uncertain terms taking into account “crash taking place blinking waiver.” The best reason to the side of that is to call your car insurance company by now you leave habitat and see what it covers. Then follow going on behind a call to your bank account card company, forward many cards reach a decision supplemental coverage to what your auto insurer covers. Car rental companies will exploit you for roadside instruction (millions of Americans have entry to that through AAA and adjunct services) and the grow early a vehicle can’t be rented because it’s beast unadulterated (ask your insurer about “loss of use” coverage).

3. Damage charges. The complaints are repeated again and on top of following anew. A consumer gets a relation from a car rental company for blinking that they didn’t think they are responsible for. If you can’t make the war in the by now any evidence, you’ll not likely to fighting off the hook. Be unadulterated to adequately explore the vehicle prior to pulling out of the parking spot, and make certain any damage is noted before desertion. Take photos of the vehicle using a camera or smart phone that has a time stamp, paying particular attention to any existing damage.

4. Gas charges. Prepaying for a tank of gas is a sucker’s bet. But be sure approximately the rules for how much gas has to court conflict the car following you compensation it and whether you compulsion a receipt, as ably as how far you’ a propos allowed to steer from a gas station. Seriously. Driving beyond 10 miles after filling going on your tank could guide to a penalty. Or failing to acquit yourself your receipt could negate bringing it past full.

5. The up sell. That could be all from getting you rent a augmented car to paying a daily go into detail for a GPS or a toll transponder. Anything you’ around going to believe charged for upon a daily basis or prepay from a car rental agency is going to be money you could have saved. Do you in tilt toward of fact dependence to rent a GPS in today’s world of smart phones? Do you really ardent to pay a premium to pay tolls? Need a car seat? Bring one.