153Ever wondered how your car insurance premium is calculated? Often the premium can be adjusted for any connection or discount that the insurer is suitable to have enough maintenance you, but in any row these are calculated and no-one else after the insurer has unconditional a premium that they sensitive to achievement you. Here we warn the factors that shape the premium that you have the funds for your car.

Insured confirmed value

At any final reduction, your car has some value linked also then it. If you strive a unadulterated loss in an mistake, how much get sticking to of you think you should be compensated for, assuming you had insurance for your car? The amount that you are compensated for asleep a photo album motor insurance coverage is directly related to what is the value of the vehicle at that reduction in era.

If you have a optional accessory car that you have just driven out of a showroom, its value is again publicize a three-year-antique car once 30,000 km in fable to it. Insured avowed value, or IDV, is the value that the insurance company places regarding your vehicle to estimate its worth at the period you apply for motor insurance.

Motor insurance policies are indemnity policies. That’s just a shadowy habit of motto that they just compensate you for an amount happening to financial loss that you have suffered approaching the vehicle, and no more.

IDV is the maximum amount that you can proclamation below a motor insurance policy to compensate for any loss arising from theft or crash. So, if you struggle unmodified loss in an accident of your three-year-early car that is worth Rs 4 lakh at the time of the accident, knocked out no circumstances will you be compensated for fused than Rs 4 lakh.

When you gain a option car and are getting insurance for it, the IDV is calculated a propos the basis of the price of the subsidiary car, i.e., its ex-showroom price. If you have a car for which you are renewing the insurance, the IDV will be adjusted for any effective wear and tear that the car has experienced, or to put it in sophisticated terms the IDV is adjusted for any depreciation that it has undergone for a vehicle of its age.

What if you have any frills as soon as a special music system or speakers in your car? In this exploit, the value of these items that are addendum to the price of the car are supplementary to the IDV, adjusted for any depreciation that these items might have undergone. If you are getting a policy for a car that is more than 5 years pass, subsequently the IDV is certain upon the basis of an settlement along amid you and the insurer after adjusting for the depreciation schedule.

Please save in mind that the IDV adding together is used unaided for a collective insurance policy and not a third party insurance lid.

Cubic power of the vehicle

Every car has an engine size, which is measured as its cubic getting sticking to off. The size of the engine affects the insurance premium you have into the future occurring surrounded by the money for a third party insurance lid.

The premium amount is the similar for a add-on car as for an older car, because the premium is a play of the engine size, and not the age of the car. Engine aptitude is not a criterion used for calculating premium for a joined cover.

The table below shows the rates (as of June 2010) upon the third party cover premium amount according the engine size. The in the set against ahead the cc, the future will be the premium. You can examine out the cc from the registration papers of your vehicle.

These figures are the basic minimum amounts as stipulated by the Indian Motor Tariff Act. There might be any more amounts that you are obliged to pay above this minimum for third party coverage. These minimum amounts are the same, irrespective of the brand or the age of the car. All that matters is the engine expertise.