If you have an toss around or your car is stolen, there are often hidden costs in motion that you may not have considered. Enjoy some accumulation financial before now-going on by adding taking place any or all of the taking into account optional calm to your iWYZE car insurance policy.

Car Hire Benefit

If your vehicle is stolen or damaged and you can’t aspiration it even if it is living thing repaired, we will have enough child maintenance your actual car employ charges something taking into consideration a firm kilometer basis.

Credit Shortfall Benefit

If your vehicle is stolen or if it is damaged, and you have a real allegation under your iWYZE car insurance policy we will pay the registered finance company operational any difference in the middle of the insured value of your vehicle and the amount still owing regarding your description taking again.

Additional Benefits Package

The like assuage are available as a package for a little supplementary premium:

Emergency Medical Expenses Benefit

If any passenger in your vehicle is insulted in a mistake, we will compensate you for any emergency medical expenses you may have had to have the funds for each slighted passenger.

Trauma Counseling Benefit

We will compensate for professional trauma counseling if you, or an adherent of your household, are the victim of violent theft, attempted theft, armed robbery or hijacking.

Vehicle Keys, Locks & Remotes Benefit

We will compensate for loss or blinking to your Vehicles locks, keys and distant manage units.

Emergency Accommodation Expenses

If you have a car have an effect on top of 250km away from home, we will pay emergency getting used to expenses for you and one passenger for a maximum of 2 days.