753Red lips can make a look – they add class to an evening gown, sex up a party outfit and boost confidence in the office. But getting the right tone for your complexion can be harder than it sounds. We reveal how to find the best shade for you.

Fair complexions make a great base for red lipstick as your pale skin will really help the color pop. Blue-based reds will achieve this, as will cherry reds with pink undertones. These options will also make your teeth look whiter, which is a plus! Want something richer and deeper? Cranberry tones add sophistication as well as a touch of warmth, perfect in the winter when your skin is looking even paler! Or go bold with wine-colored lipsticks for a brooding, sultry look. It creates a striking finish against a porcelain complexion, and thanks to hints of violet, the rest of your face won’t look washed out.

If you have an olive complexion, you can go for rich tones that really make the most of your coloring. A vivid, fiery red will draw out the warmth of your skin and looks beautiful against dark hair too. If you want to channel a more gothic vibe, you could try a red-based purple – think blackberry tones and rich pinot noir wine. Anything orange-based also looks beautiful – even if you don’t think reds are your thing, try something along these lines and prepare to be converted! Just watch out for anything that’s too brown – it looks dated and could also make your complexion appear sallow.

Darker skin tones are able to pull off much stronger tones than their fairer contemporaries, so go bold with your red. Berries and even reddish blacks work well against your skin tone, but what really commands the wow factor is scarlet hues. A$AP Rocky once said only fair-skinned ladies should wear red, but he is SO wrong. Stars like Kelly Rowland and Gabrielle Union rock fire engine red to perfection, leaving A$AP looking quite the fool.