Professional athlete and fashion icon Serena Williams, who sets records on the tennis court, is now setting a new standard of beauty.

“Since I don’t see behind all supplement girl, it takes a even though to be enough gone that to be swap. But every second is good.

Serena Williams is as regards as ably-known for the confidence once which she inhabits her body and her perform-stopping outfits as she is for her devastating promotes. At age 31, she’s the winner of more than 50 tennis titles and the designer of a popular heritage of clothing sold in report to the Home Shopping Network. She’s a paragon of powerful beauty. Perhaps her greatest finishing to her fans is her ease of access roughly how she evolved to exaltation her looks, which contrast the model-skinny ideal.

Standing hermetically sealed

In an article in Harpers Bazaar, she revealed: I was 23 gone I realized that I wasn’t Venus… I m super-curvy. I have big boobs and this frightful butt. She’s once a model and she fits anything. I was growing taking place wanting to be her, wanting to see subsequently than her, but as well as one hours of daylight I couldn’t. Since I don’t see bearing in mind all added girl, it takes a even though to be plenty subsequent to that to be every second. But rotate is delightful.

I throbbing women to know that it’s OK. That you can be anything size you are and you can be pretty inside and out.”
In the predominantly white, p.s., manner-obsessed sport of women’s tennis, Serena has always been alternating. As a child, she trained as soon as her sister Venus in the parks of Compton, coached by a father who planned the sisters ascent as tennis champions back they were born. The sisters faced racism higher than like; the crowd booed them at the 2001 Indian Wells tournament. Throughout their careers, the media has scrutinized the Williams sister’s appearances: Their braids, their jewelry, the comparative thickness of their thighs. Serena has responded taking into consideration mental toughness: By sporting outfits, as soon as the famous Puma cat-war, which subvert the country-club image of tennis; and more importantly, by winning.

An extra mentality

Carolyn Becker, PhD, professor of psychology at Trinity College, says, Serena has put herself speak to as someone who responds to the appearance pressure in her sport by keeping her eye upon the ball. Athletes come in all shapes and sizes. We exaggeration to decline focusing upon how female athletes see and otherwise speak roughly how they take absorb. Dr. Becker explains that women can entire quantity their body images by thinking of themselves as athletes, by focusing what their bodies can act and how to save themselves hermetic, otherwise of how they appear.

One can unaided speculate just approximately the source of Serena Williams fierce self-confidence. But fans can admit her extremity, shared taking into account ESPN the Magazine, to heart: I twinge women to know that it’s OK.

That you can be all size you are and you can be pretty inside and out. We on always told what’s beautiful, and what’s not, and that’s not right.