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Ever wondered how to shop and save money at the same time? Here are a few tips on how to shop without depleting your whole paycheck!

I’m sure we’re all guilty of it. It’s almost Friday so we get excited because we can finally buy those new heels or lipstick that we wanted. We’re ready to spend our hard earned coin, but we really should be saving it.

Sometimes saving money seems like such a hard thing to do especially when there are so many things out there to buy. Don’t fret! There are a few ways that you can still shop while keeping your pockets fat enough to stay content.

Coupon sites

If you’ve been shopping without using coupon sites, my friends, I’m afraid you’ve been losing out on a TON of money. Websites like Coupons, Groupon, or Retail Me Not are extremely popular because you’ll always be able to find coupons.

For most of these sites, all you have to do is search the name of the store you’re shopping at, and they’ll give you a list of any promotional deals or coupon codes that they have.

These sites are very user friendly so you can see if the coupon you’re using has worked for other shoppers.

Buying better quality clothes

We’ve all been guilty of this at one point in time. Sometimes we’re trying to save an extra buck by buying cheaper quality clothes, but we’re actually losing money that way.

If you’re spending $5 on a cheaply made shirt, we can assure you that the shirt won’t last very long. It might tear or shrink in the wash, and then you’ll find yourself spending more money on another shirt.

Investing in better clothes is one of the ground rules to saving your money. The quality will allow your clothes to last longer and you’ll find yourself making fewer purchases on the same item over and over again.

Beauty subscriptions

Although beauty subscriptions have been around for a while, many people don’t know about them. If you are just getting into a makeup and skincare regimen, beauty subscriptions will definitely help you save more than a pretty penny.

When we all break out into the beauty world, we’re just blindly grabbing for things we think would look nice or might work, but with beauty subscriptions, you get to try an assortment of products and an extremely discounted price.

Most beauty subscriptions range from $10-$20 a month and you can end up receiving between $40-$100 worth of product in that monthly box. Before you end up dishing out hundreds of dollars’ worth of product at Sephora, make sure you try out a beauty subscription so you can figure out which products you’d actually use and like.

Some popular subscriptions are Ipsy, Boxycharm, and Birchbox.

Buying clothes off-season

When the summer rolls around, you might wonder why the prices of bathing suits are so high. It’s because they’re in season! When the demand for bathing suits goes up in the summer, companies will raise the prices so that they can make more money off of the beach bums ready to get their skin tanned and glowing.

If you know you need a new bathing suit for the summer, try buying it in the winter. The off-season prices will definitely help save you a few bucks versus buying your sexy bikini in the middle of July.

Online cash back services

Getting cash back is a new thing when you buy, but it’s definitely taking the shopping world by storm. Ebates is probably the most well-known cash back company currently and for good reason. The Ebates database includes 250+ stores in their roster, each store having their own percentage of cash back.

For example, Old Navy could be having a 15% off sale. Ebates might currently have a 5% cash back rate for Old Navy. If you decide to splurge at Old Navy and spend $200, Ebates will give you 5% of that money (or $10) back if you make the purchase from the Old Navy link on their website.

Buying your actual size

We’re all ambitious, we get it! One of the biggest faux pas of shopping is buying clothes that aren’t your size. Sometimes we try to convince ourselves that we’re really going to lose those 10 pounds we gained over the winter, but this is one of your wallets biggest downfalls.

The rule to remember is always buy clothes in your actual size. Buying a summer dress in a size too small might seem like a great motivation to lose weight, but if you’re not able to wear it by the deadline, you’re left sitting with a dress you might never wear.

Return your makeup

If you love makeup, you might have a few make up products sitting on your vanity that you can’t wear. You might’ve bought a foundation or concealer that’s too light and simply gave up on them before returning to purchase another one.

One thing that most people don’t know is that you CAN return your makeup products as long as it’s within the company’s return policy. If you tried on a foundation that absolutely did not work for your skin tone, all you have to do is return it for an exchange or refund. Don’t sit around with makeup you don’t want. Return them and get your money back!

Buying clothes you’ll actually wear

Outfit envy is a real thing, and we’ve all probably seen a person wear a stunning outfit that we wish we were bold enough to try. Sometimes we’re bold enough to buy it but not bold enough to actually wear it.

We understand if you’re trying to step out of your comfort zone, but make sure it’s with clothes you actually plan on wearing. No one wants to be stuck with a closet full of clothes they’ve never worn!

Now that we’ve shared a few shopping tips, we’re sure your wallets and bank accounts will love you because of how full they are! If you have any other shopping tips you’d like to share, make sure you comment them down below!