Got girl? Then you know—there are just some things that only moms of girls truly get. Whether your girl is in princess gear 24/7 or loves to wear camo and ride her skateboard, there are definitely things all girl moms share.


*          You have 17 hair elastics, crayons, a headband and a smattering of Rainbow Loom rubber bands in your purse at all times.

*          You know all the latest teen shorthand – well beyond OMG and LOL – so you can keep up with her life on Instagram and Twitter.

*          Each new activity requires an outfit change for your wee one, even a simple trip to the grocery store.

*          You do laundry every day. Every damn day. See #3 above.

*          You know exactly how to deal with monkey bar blisters so that they heal quickly with a minimal amount of recess time spent off the bars.

*          Your latest trip to the emergency room involved a stuffed animal, a kid’s hot chocolate from Starbucks, a selfie on Instagram and a full-arm cast filled with signatures from all her new BFFs at the hospital.

*          Nicknames err on the side of cute—no Dude, Little Man or Bruiser in your house.

*          Every stuffed animal in your house has a name. And you have memorized every one of them.

*          You can act out entire scenes from “Frozen,” playing all characters without missing a line.

*          You get almost as excited about a Taylor Swift concert as your kid does.

*          Your kitchen table has glue permanently lodged into the small crevices from all the craft projects you’ve attempted—and you’re OK with that.

*          Your garage is overflowing with sports equipment that’s color coordinated with the cleats. Lacrosse, soccer, softball? All matching.

*          There are five different versions of a ponytail you can create in just the amount of time it takes the stoplight to turn green.

*          An entire drawer in your bathroom is devoted to nail polish.

*          You have six different colors of edible glitter in your cupboard, for those impromptu cupcakes.

*          Your heart has exploded over a mud-covered little girl uttering the simple phrase, “Wuv you Mommy!”