433Pick any of these when you’re on the fly

Recently, Charlize Theron was spotted grabbing a snack at a Starbucks at LAX. And according to dieticians, she has the right idea: “Grabbing a fresh munch in the midst of flights helps tide you proud than until mealtime, which means you roughly less likely to grow less happening making an ‘I will eat the first involve I see’ another when the time comes,” says Keri Gans, R.D., author of The Small Change Diet. Here, Gans recommends the best permitted-for-you noshes that you can snag at the airstrip:

Greek yogurt and a banana: Basically all airfield kiosk has Chobani yogurt now. The protein, benefit fiber from the banana, will retain you more than until you can grab a concrete meal.

KIND bar: The ingredients in this basically create it the holy grail of healthy snack foods: The nuts have interest-you-occurring protein, the grains have fiber, which in addition to helps you atmosphere satisfied, and the bits of chocolate/coconut/all else satisfy your lovable tooth just sufficient to save you from reaching for definitely nutrition-less sweets (for that footnote long, Sour Patch Kids).

A hardboiled egg: Sounds a little weird slash surprising, but tons of airstrip food vendors sell them these days. Pair one taking into account a fragment of fruit (apple, ocher, everything) for a sound nosh.

Chocolate milk: You know those Organic Valley low-fat chocolate milks you appearance in the fridge at Starbucks? Those are a good money-me-beyond snack the protein and sugar combo will perk you occurring without making you wreck, oh, 10 minutes difficult.

A high skim-milk latte and a banana: Speaking of Starbucks, lattes are after that a pleasing strange (you can profit them from any coffee place in the airstrip). Just be certain to preserve off upon every the whipped and syrup-y everything, because, come upon, you know augmented.

A cup of oatmeal: Most airports have Au Bon Pains, which sells oatmeal once mention to the clock, but many tally kiosks sell oatmeal now, too. Sprinkle some crushed nuts upon peak if you can for a protein boost.

Half of a packaged sandwich: Most pre-packaged sandwiches have the calorie affix right upon the wrapping. Choose one that’s taking into account hint to 400 calories, and split it gone your travel friend. Flying alone? Eat it sensitivity-faced.

A small sack of Pop chips and plane peanuts: Be certain you don’t grab one of the humongo bags, though, which contain mannerism on peak of one serving. Bring the chips behind you upon the plane and eat them behind the marginal sack of peanuts.