Are you smitten by a Lovely Russian girl and are looking for some Russian dating tips Well, if you are then here is a bit of help for you. Since online dating services are extremely popular in Russian you will have to know how to go about dating a Russian girl, online as well as in person. Before you start learning the Russian dating tips you need to know that Russian women, usually look for serious relationships and not flings. Therefore, you should start dating a Russian girl only when you think that you can be committed. Here are some tips that will help you to date a Russian girl successfully.

The first important Russian dating tips is to be your natural self. Whether you are courting a Russian girl in person or online it is very important to project what you truly are. Giving false impressions initially will not help you eventually. Russian women value true love tremendously and therefore have the right to know who you truly are.

The second crucial Russian dating tip is to initiate intimate conversations. As per the Russian culture, having intimate conversations actually brings two people in closer proximity. Try to have friendly conversations with the woman you are dating as much as possible.


Another important Russian dating tip is to take the lead. Russian women want their men to be strong and love it when the men take charge in a relationship. So, during the initial phases don’t hesitate to ask for her phone number. Try to maintain a steady pace in the relationship. This will help you to develop a successful relationship.

If you are really happy with the Russian woman you are dating then you should take your relationship to the next level. If you think that you have a future with her, don’t hesitate at all. Russian women want to get married fast because the Russian society does not look upon unmarried women very kindly. If you are not proactive then you might actually lose the woman of your dreams. However, propose only after you are sure about your feelings and feel ready to take up responsibility. These Russian dating tips are handy and will help you to find your Russian love.

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