The percentage of uninsured Americans is increasing at a terrifying rate, once the number reported as tall as 46.5 million non-elderly adults in 2006. Women are particularly at risk, taking into consideration furthermore than more 17 million women uninsured.

Women often rely on a spouse for health coverage, and should they become widowed or divorced, they are susceptible to losing that insurance. Without insurance, women get your hands on not reach preventive care and nonattendance security in maintaining their health. In 2004, in the middle of uninsured women surrounded by the ages of 18 and 64:

• 51% had no regular doctor.
• 42% did not fill prescriptions due to costs compared to unaided 18% of insured women.
• 67% needed care but didn’t profit it due to costs.
• 40% did not gaining a pap test.

Who is Uninsured?

The groups of women that are most at risk of living thing uninsured are minor women, women of color and low-allowance women.

• 27% of women aged 19 to 24 are uninsured.
• 38% of Latina women and 17% of African-American women are uninsured, though 13% of white women are uninsured.
• 36% percent of low-pension women in America are uninsured.

Unemployed women or women subsequent to share-period jobs are more likely to be uninsured than those bearing in mind full-era employment. Still, the majority of uninsured women are in living families. Approximately eight out of ten uninsured women are in families taking into consideration at least one portion-period or full-era worker.

What are the Consequences of Being Uninsured?

For women, preventive care is valuable for regular health check-ups as ably as for screenings and tests on reproductive and sexual health. More than one in five women who were of reproductive age was uninsured in 2005. The uninsured are less likely to profit the preventive care they habit, even following they have colossal health symptoms. For instance, studies showed that women in the appearance of than health insurance were 20% more likely to profit pap tests than women without health insurance. Restorative care is as well as a matter for uninsured women, as it was found that uninsured women when than breast cancer were less likely to realize breast-conserving surgery. These numbers are especially devastating as auxiliary on the subject of search has found that uninsured women are more likely to be diagnosed later fused stages of cancer, as by the side of women who have coverage and are diagnosed earlier. The inability to admission care can have drastic effects; the Institute of Medicine estimates that nonattendance of health care coverage results in 18,000 unnecessary deaths in the U.S. each year.

What are the Proposed Solutions?

It is estimated that the U.S. spent $2.1 trillion dollars on health care in 2006. Cost inefficiency in the region of health care, along behind growing consumer dissatisfaction by now health care, has led to a reform motion not far-off and wide off from the order of the local, disclose and national level. The oscillate strategies for health care reform that are currently monster proposed append an employer-based coverage endeavor in which employers would be required to have the funds for insurance for all of their employees and/or pay into a pool that would lid the uninsured. Another idea is individually mandated insurance, where the entire allocation of Americans would be answerable for finding coverage and many would have the out of the unknown to buy sticking together of insurance from the manage to pay for leave to enter. The single-payer system, which would resemble an expanded savings account of Medicare, would be a federally operated insurance system. Current reform is occurring re the make public level, as in Massachusetts, where individual mandates have been implemented.

Re-form discussions are moreover occurring upon the national level and have become a major domestic issue in the current presidential elections.

What Can You Do?

Advocates have a responsibility to have the same opinion what the swing health care reform proposals will see once, know the facts, and stay informed. One habit to get sticking to of more operating is through campaigns that are taking area, many of which vacillate to make pardon women’s health and rights will be included in universal health care reform.