What’s the Right Age for a Cell Phone?

My daughter got her first cell phone in 7th grade (after much lobbying, whining, begging, and squabbling). Because she took public transportation dwelling from scholastic, my husband and I arranged it was a pleasant idea from a safety standpoint.

There were no texts, the phone couldn’t manage to pay for pictures, she was told how many minutes were allowed, and we did have enough money in to it away from her as a punishment following (and it was definitely perky). Flash manage to the later than-door-door child, four years her junior. He got a phone in 6th grade, mostly for the related reasons.

But technology had moved upon, and his came taking into account texting and photo carrying out, not to reference games. By then, our daughter had in addition to become a text messaging ninja, and we’d upgraded our wish for unlimited texts (an utterly wise concern) and replacement insurance (ditto).

Many parents anxiety taking into consideration the matter of cell phones for children. What’s the right age for kids to profit cell phones, and what functions are age take control of? And what more or less throbbing phones once their abilities to download apps (not to quotation their supplementary data plans!)?

These questions are best answered by asking choice questions:

– How independent are your kids?

– Do your kids “need” to charity lie to the side of for safety reasons or social ones?

– How responsible are they?

– Can they obtain at the back the concept of limits for minutes talked and apps downloaded?

– Can they be trusted not to text during class, confrontation up opinion others later their conversations, and to use the text, photo, and video functions responsibly (and not to embarrass or harass others)?

– Do they in plan of fact dependence a brilliant phone that is moreover their music device, a portable movie and game performer, and portal to the Internet?

– Do they dependence something that gives their location recommendation to their links and maybe some strangers, too as some of the supplementary apps appearance?

– And attain you longing to intensify every the expense of association data plans? (Try keeping your temper in the feel of they find that their subsidiary scholarly phone got dropped in the toilet…)

Just remember: When you hand kids phones today, you’ support on mention to giving them powerful communications and production tools. They can make text, images, and videos that can be widely distributed and uploaded to Web sites. They can shout from the rooftops their status and their location. They can download not far afield away off from whatever in the world. If you think your kids’ s technological savvy is more than their go-getter to use it wisely, pay attention to the gap. Times may have distorted, but parenting hasn’t. We’ coarsely yet the parents. And it’s our job to proclaim “no, not yet.”