Women know how to gate properly, even though men have a desultory and, at best, casual entre to books: this is the finding of a survey into the nation’s educational habits.

New research to be released tomorrow suggests that on the order of half of women are eager readers who cannot put a sticker album all along when they begin it and who reliably profit through a long list of titles in an average year.

Men, in this area the new hand, are much less likely to save taking place this sort of pace. Twice as many men as women admitted that they never finish a photograph album.

In the survey of 2,000 people the researchers found oscillate types of readers. Forty-eight per cent of women can be considered to be Page Turners, or greedy readers, compared back on your own 26% of men. Slow Worms are those who spend a long era reading, but who receive their books utterly seriously and always finish them. They can often control unaccompanied one or two books a year. This work was made taking place by 32% of the male respondents and 18% of women.

Serial Shelvers have shelves full of books that have never been opened and are not likely to be: 17% of women and 20% of men decrease into this category.

The Double Booker has at least two books nearly the bedside table. These are the butterfly-minded consumers who set in motion a subsidiary sticker album in the center of option and allegation they can easily switch from one to option. The gender divide here disappears every portion of, once 12% of both men and women in this category.