826Have you ever looked through your partners messages? Felt so angry you could kill someone? If yes then without doubt you’re a jealous partner. But how jealous are you? Is it compulsive jealousy, extreme jealousy, or moderate jealousy? Do you see the worst in every situation or are you so trustworthy you’re blind to the truth? Each zodiac sign has a different level of jealousy… have a look where you sit on the scale!

“Who’s that tall blonde you were with last night?”

It’s not uncommon for jealousy to play a part in your daily life when you’re in a relationship – you might find yourself sneaking around looking through your partner’s phone and emails as well as checking their jean pockets but you’re not even sure why you’re doing it!

There are several stages of jealousy that exist, legitimate and moderate jealousy, compulsive jealousy and finally extreme and obsessional jealousy. This final stage of jealousy is one that destroys many relationships. If you’re extremely jealous then don’t miss out on our advice on how to beat it.

Get a hold on your jealousy thanks to Astrology!

Jealousy above all reflects a lack of confidence in yourself for you fear of being cheated on, being replaced by someone else and of your pride being hurt. A combination of these worries can make us completely lose our marbles.

If you’re an extremely jealous person and slowly but surely it’s seeping into your relationship be assured by the fact that Astrology is behind it all. The position of Venus at the moment you were born determines the type of lover you’re going to be and could be the cause of your jealousy.

In order to get a hold on the situation before it is too late you need to either improve your behavior or find out for certain if he is cheating on you (as then you’d have a legitimate reason to be jealous!)

Have a look at your sign to discover where you stand on the jealousy scale.


You’re ultra-possessive and not particularly generous. Your possessive nature makes you incredibly jealous but you’re not one to make a big spectacle of things. You’ll sulk in the corner and wait for them to come to you, then suddenly you’ll explode with anger and break anything that you can get your hands on. It’s not rare for plates to be broken at your house!


Certainly you are jealous, but not to an extreme level. You’re good at expressing yourself and you won’t hold back on telling your partner when something isn’t working for you. Your words are worse than daggers and prove to be very effective at keeping your partner in line and putting any overenthusiastic rivals into their place. When you combine that with your fearsome glare nobody dares move a muscle.


You’re jealous of everything and anything, you sulk like a child and throw a strop with the aim of annoying your partner but knowing that you’ll cuddle up to them when it’s over. You’ll get jealous over the smallest things which can be toxic to your relationship, unless you are just putting on an act when it suits you? You’re not fooling anyone and least of all your partner who entertains himself with your little games.


Those who look for trouble will find it! You’re ultra-jealous because you like the role of first lady, you want to stay in this position and will do anything you can to defend it. If the need arises you won’t hesitate to get physical, back down ladies!


You’re a bit jealous but not too bad. You worry when it’s necessary but you’re not likely to sit around all day torturing yourself. You like your freedom too much so you wouldn’t ever want to take that away from someone else. On the other hand, a Libra does not tolerate lying, watch out those who try to deceive you…


A Scorpio is very jealous and possessive, the most of all the signs of the zodiac. You find it difficult to trust anyone because you see the worst in everything, love makes you vulnerable and therefore aggressive. It’s best to keep a clear distance from the partner of a Scorpio…


You’re not particularly jealous unless you get the impression that something is being kept from you. For you there is nothing worse than feeling like you’re the last one to know. You hate the idea of other people talking about you or making fun of you behind your back and you’re not going to put up with the way people think of you being damaged. Equally, you’re a rational person and you don’t make things up, you’d have to really think something was wrong before you acted.


You feign indifference in front of others but underneath it all you’re very jealous and possessive, others need to keep their hands off things that belong to you! Sometimes a little insecure, you need a lot of reassurance even if you don’t express that need often. If someone has hurt you, you can hold a grudge for days, months or even years, you don’t forgive easily!


You’re not particularly jealous, you leave your other half room to breathe and go out when they want because you want them to do the same for you. The freedom of each person is the most important thing for your relationship. You’re proud of the fact that you can have an open mind.


Back off ladies, he’s taken! You can be very jealous and tend to be aggressive, you’re ready to take on anyone who comes between you and your man. You’re not the type to sit back and watch, you’re more likely to come at someone out of the blue. If you’re looking for something, you will find it!


You’re incredibly un-jealous, or at least you appear to be. You tend to keep everything close to your chest because you don’t think you have the right to be jealous. You’d never want to show your jealousy so you tend to hide it, shame.


You’re not jealous or if you ever are it’s minimal. You trust your partner too much to imagine for a second that they could cheat on you. Your trusting nature is certainly commendable but be careful that you don’t get walked over…