A Couple Making Love During Period Time

A couple making love during period or the term “period sex” refers to sexual activity that occurs throughout the menstrual cycle of at least one of the partners.

The following are examples of sexual activity throughout the reproductive period:

  • Oral
  • Masturbate
  • and other sexual acts

During women’s menstrual cycle, the pleasures of sex is vary from person to person. Having intercourse pain during a woman’s menstrual cycle may be difficult for some, but it can be a source of excitement and ease for others. The capacity to obtain and remain wet during sex can be a problem for some sexual partners. Intercourse can be made more comfortable by menstrual blood, which acts as a natural lubricant.  Many haven’t tried it and asking what is a lubricant in this process?
During menstruation, the vagina and vulva (outside your body’s genital organs) are enlarged with blood, which makes intercourse more pleasurable for certain people. In addition to easing period discomfort, period sex can also be beneficial. It is possible to alleviate period cramps by engaging in sexual activity and releasing endorphins that reduce discomfort.
For some people, sex might help alleviate the agony of a headache or migraine. Rather than taking medicine for a migraine they goes with alternate option. Before engaging in period sex, discuss your concerns with your partner. Sometimes, it gets little dirty & some people may not like it. In today’s culture, teenagers sexing is becoming normal and that’s why it becomes mandatory at some point to talk to teens about sex & how much it’s safe as well as dangerous according to their ages.

Myths and Fallacies Regarding Period Sex

Many people believe that a couple making love during period is not possible or dangerous.  As per popular belief, some says that, it’s safe to make sexual activity during period time.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

An increased risk of developing sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs) can be reduced by how condom is used or other form of contraception during sex (STDs). During period sex, some STDs, such as HIV, can be transmitted more efficiently. As a safeguard, consider utilizing the barrier method of contraception. Can you get pregnant in your period is the biggest question arise in women mind.

You can prevent skin-to-skin contact by building a barrier between you and your reproductive organs. Male condoms, fe condom, and dental dams are all examples of contraception that can be used for this purpose. Even diff condom flavored also there.

Pregnancy is a risk

Pregnancy can result from unprotected sex, even during your menstrual cycle. Intrauterine devices or condoms etc ind of birth control methods will prevent undesired pregnancies. It’s better to consult any doctor first to get their option on what is best for birth control. Discussion with experts on birth control when do you ovulate will be also important.

Period Sex: How to Discover It (Solo or with Partner)

Consent from all partners involved should always be obtained before engaging in a new sexual activity since this helps to ensure that limits are observed. Be clear yourself on what you need, your anticipation along with your emotional boundaries.
For penetrative sexual encounters, such as placing fingers or an object into your vagina, tampon in use has to get take out or menstrual cup first. If you don’t, you could end up with health issues, such as infection, in the future.

Period sex is possible if you follow these additional steps:

  • Use a towel to avoid stains on your bedding
  • try sexual positions in an area that is easy to clean, such as the shower
  • keep tissues, menstruation wipes, or a washcloth handy
  • And continue to communicate with your spouse about your requirements.
An important point you should aware about Period Sex

What You Need to Know Sex of the era. Is there a chance? What do you think? Is this something you’d be interested in learning more about? There are a few things to keep in mind when engaging in sexual activity while on your period, sensual fore play whether you’re horrified by the thought of looking forward to it with great anticipation each month. Sometimes it gives more clear idea about once we discuss openly and that’s why communication is important. As well as Sexual arousing also plan vital role here.

It may become a little messy

That’s fine, too. I bet you already figured this one out. Although there won’t be a flood of blood and fluids, your flow may make intercourse a little more complex than usual. Towels, showers, or any other inventive solution can help you avoid staining your bed linens. That gets us to the next point. Some couple would like to try sexual positions of kama sutra that could also turns into messy.

There will be a lot more fluid

Gliding is a breeze with this machine. An extra lubricant helps your menstrual flow flowing in good. During your menstrual cycle, a natural lubricant is provided to you (such as our favorite organic lubricants from Yes Organics).

Painful or pain-relieving?

As your body may be more sensitive and your breasts may be sore during your period, some people find it uncomfortable in physical touching. The hormones oxytocin and dopamine are released when you orgasm, which can tremendously relieve pains during both PMS and menstruation. During the time of sex or woman masturbates, a good number of hormones get released that works as pain killer. Sometimes dopamine function very well and sometimes dopamine side effects are there as well.

I understand, but what about STIs and pregnancy?

Sexual health difficulties don’t go away when you’re menstruation, unfortunately. According to the National Health Service, STIs are more likely to spread during menstruation. Pregnancies can nevertheless occur despite your best reasoning, even though conception is less likely. Contraception is must whether you are trying to be a pregnant or not. Preventing STIs and pregnancies is easier if you use condoms and dental dams and practice excellent hygiene with whomever you’re having sex with.

It will be good to have open communication to keep things clear and understand each other’s thoughts
It’s critical to express what’s working for you and what’s not. To ensure a pleasurable experience, a prime communication with your partner before, during, and after the act of sexual intimacy. What’s most relaxing for you Finally, we’ve made it to the end!
Pay attention to your body’s signals and only do what makes you happy

Recognizing your own and your partner’s boundaries is critical to prevent a slobbery mess or make the most of the extra lubricant and the improved chemistry. If you want period sex, have it. If you don’t, don’t. To be on the safe side, using a period tracker app is a terrific method to keep tabs on your sex drive and track when your period is due. Here, you can learn more about period tracking applications.

There’s more I will bring in second part of a couple making love during period time. Keep safe, enjoy your life and keep visiting our website. Thank you…

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