Best Free Bitcoin/Crypto Faucets (Sep 2023) + $10 Bonus

Crypto faucets (also known as Bitcoin faucets) are a method of earning very small amounts of Bitcoin by watching ads, playing games, and solving CAPTCHAs. The problem with crypto faucets, though, is that you earn far less than $1 per hour, which means they aren’t worth your time, as there are far quicker, easier ways of making money online.

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Bitcoin faucets are a free, mindless way to earn small amounts of crypto. They’re generally attractive to people in relatively low-income countries, since the amount you can earn from even the most lucrative crypto faucets is far below $1 per hour.

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Bitcoinker is a free crypto faucet that offers cryptocurrency in exchange for completing simple CAPTCHAs. You can earn Satoshis every 15 minutes by solving CAPTCHAs here on Bitcoinker, making it one of the highest-paying Bitcoin faucets out there.

The average reward at Bitcoinker is roughly 7 Satoshis, plus Bitcoinker pays 10% interest on all crypto deposits. If you use Bitcoinker for a long time, you’ll also be eligible for seniority bonuses of up to 30%, increasing your earnings further.

The minimum withdrawal you can make from Bitcoinker is 20,000 Satoshis, with withdrawals made instantly to the microwallet of your choice.


  • 15-minute cooldown timer allows you to earn crypto quickly
  • Seniority bonuses of up to 30% make Bitcoinker more lucrative the longer you use it
  • 10% interest on crypto deposits, the highest in the industr

What Is A Crypto Faucet?

A crypto faucet is an online platform where users complete easy tasks to earn very small amounts of cryptocurrency. Generally you’ll earn 1-10 Satoshis per task that you complete, though this depends on the specific Bitcoin faucet you work with. One Satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 BTC, which at today’s prices is about $0.0003 USD. This means you’re earning tiny fractions of a penny for each action you take.

With most crypto faucets, the activities you need to perform are mindless and repetitive. They’re typically quick and easy to do such as solving CAPTCHAs, playing games, and watching video advertisements. You’ll receive your Satoshis after completing the task.

The cryptocurrencies you earn from crypto faucets will generally be sent to a third-party micro-wallet after you’ve completed enough tasks. When you sign up for a Bitcoin faucet, the faucet will create a micro-wallet for you, so you don’t need to worry about creating your own before you start.

The micro-wallet you’ll receive from your crypto faucet works in a similar way to a typical crypto wallet. When you’re ready to withdraw your earnings, you’ll need to transfer them out of the faucet’s micro-wallet and into a separate crypto wallet that you control.

How Can I Use A Crypto Faucet?

Using crypto faucets is an excellent way to earn cryptocurrencies without having to invest any money upfront. Bitcoin faucets are also an ideal way for people who are new to the cryptocurrency world to get started, as they can learn about different coins and how transactions work by using a faucet.

In addition to being free, many crypto faucets offer bonuses or loyalty rewards for consistent use over time. This means that users who stick with a particular faucet can earn more than those who use it sporadically.

Some crypto faucets—including many of those mentioned above—also offer referral programs where users can earn additional cryptocurrency by referring friends and family members. Referral rates tend to range from 10% – 25% of the coins your referrals earn, which means you can earn passively even if you stop using the faucet yourself.

How Do Crypto Faucets Make Money?

Crypto faucets make money through a variety of methods, including:

  1. Advertisement revenue: Many crypto faucets display advertisements on their websites or within their faucet claiming process. They earn revenue by partnering with advertising networks or directly with advertisers who pay for ad placements. Each time a user visits the faucet and interacts with the ads, the faucet owner earns a portion of the advertising revenue.
  2. Offer walls and surveys: Some crypto faucets partner with offer wall providers or survey platforms where users can complete offers, surveys, or other tasks in exchange for additional rewards. The Bitcoin faucets themselves will then earn a commission for each completed offer or survey.
  3. Gaming and gambling integration: Some crypto faucets include games or gambling elements, such as dice games, lotteries, or casino-style games. These games may have built-in house edges or odds that favor the faucet owner, ensuring a profit over the long term.
  4. Premium features and upgrades: Faucets may offer premium features or memberships that users can purchase for enhanced benefits, faster claims, or increased rewards. These upgrades generate revenue for the faucet owner.
  5. Sponsored content: Crypto projects or companies may pay faucets to promote their tokens or services. This can include featuring sponsored content, running giveaways or contests, or offering exclusive rewards related to the sponsored project.

While crypto faucets provide a way for users to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency, what you can earn is extremely small. Faucets only distribute a portion of their revenue to users as rewards, which means they can continue to operate as long as the advertising on their site generates more income than what they pay users.

What To Look For In A Crypto Faucet

There are several differences between crypto faucets, so you should carefully consider which one to use. There are certain things to help you decide which crypto faucet is ideal for you.

  • Payment quantity: Most BTC faucets pay out a small amount of Satoshi, usually anywhere from 50 to 500. While that may not seem like much, you can earn more by playing games and referring friends.
  • Timer: This is the amount of time you have to wait between claiming rewards from a faucet. Most range from five minutes to an hour: if you want to maximize your rewards, choose a faucet with a short timer. This way, you can claim rewards more often.
  • Supported withdrawal methods: Typically, you can withdraw your earnings to a micro-wallet and then transfer them to your Bitcoin wallet. Keep in mind that some faucets require users to complete KYC verification before withdrawing funds, so be aware of any terms and conditions before signing up for an account.
  • Minimum withdrawal limit: This is the amount you must have in your account before you can withdraw it to a Bitcoin wallet. Most faucets have a minimum withdrawal limit, but some don’t. If you’re looking to quickly and easily cash out your rewards, make sure the faucet has a low withdrawal minimum.
  • Referral program: A good referral program can help you earn more rewards. Look for a faucet that offers a percentage of what your referrals earn, or one that awards a bonus Satoshi for every new user you refer.

How to earn more from crypto faucets

There are a few ways to boost your earnings when using crypto faucets:

  • Use multiple faucets: Since faucets have cooldown timers that limit how frequently you can claim earnings, using multiple faucets increases the frequency and amount of payouts you receive. It also reduces the risks associated with relying on a single faucet.
  • Refer new users: Referring others to faucets using your unique referral link allows you to earn a percentage of their payouts. Promote your referral link on social media platforms and online forums to maximize your earnings.
  • Set a timer: It’s important to keep track of the cooldown timers on different faucets. By setting a timer, you can claim your earnings as soon as the cooldown period expires, ensuring you don’t miss out on potential rewards.

Even with these tips, though, it’s hard to earn more than a few pennies per hour, which is why we recommend claiming your $10 signup bonus instead.

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