Best Tips for A Couple Making Sex During Period Time

A couple making sex in period time could be more fun than regular time. As long as you know how to have sex while on the menstrual cycle, you wont have to miss out on the greatest of life. The only difference between ordinary intercourse and sex during your period is that blood is involved. And how can you make the most of this articular time of the month in the bedroom instead of dreading it? Your thoughts on this formerly taboo subject are summarized below.

Note: The following is not medical advice. It was solely intended to serve as a resource for readers.

Is that safe to have sex during period? The short answer is YES.

Menstruating women can have both penetration and non-penetration intercourse, as long as they are comfortable and in the mood. For millennia, women have been plagued by shame over their sexuality and menstrual cycle. For either of these items alone or in combination, there is no physiologic reason to be depressed. In reality, if you and your partner are comfortable with period sex, there are numerous emotional and physical health advantages to doing so. The most significant deterrent was the resulting mess and public humiliation for a long time. In the end, there are numerous ways to deal with menstrual blood and many reasons to embrace it.

Sex during your period has many advantages

That’s correct, a couple making sex during menstrual has a lot of advantages. Of course, pleasure and body positivity are the most critical factors of what to do if you’re in the mood and don’t mind making a mess.

Having sex during your period means that you’ll have more lubrication in your genitals

The most obvious advantage is that penetrative intercourse is more comfortable for both parties involved. Many people often cite menstrual fluid as a natural alternative to standard lubricant. Make no bones about it: Menstrual fluid is genuine and the ideal consistency for sex.

If You’re Having Period Cramps, Having Sex May Help

Cramps are one of the most debilitating symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). To one’s good fortune, period sex can alleviate this problem. According to a study published in The Atlantic, it has been scientifically shown that vaginal stimulation changes the neurons in the brain to raise a woman’s pain threshold. Menstrual cramps can be alleviated with oral or piercing stimulation, which is more entertaining than popping a couple of Midol. And yes, this means that a headache can be relieved through sexual activity.

It Can Be the Most Exciting

The primary reason we making sensual love is that it feels nice. What if we told you that having sex during your period can be more enjoyable? That isn’t just a personal preference: Your sex drive may be higher at certain times of the month than others due to hormonal swings during your menstrual cycle. This might happen during spotting or your period.

Is it possible to become pregnant while on your period?

One prevalent myth is that you cannot conceive while menstruating. This is untrue; therefore, use birth control regardless of sex. A woman’s chances of getting pregnant get increase during ovulation and reduced during menstruation. However, bleeding can happen during ovulation as well. This can indicate that a woman is on her period when she is most fertile. Whether you are attempting to conceive or not, please consult a gynecologist and obstetrics about birth control and your cycle. If you wish to track your menstrual cycle more closely, you can also download a period tracker app. Some sexual positions couples are trying is surprising.

5 Period Sex Advice for Newbies

Not sure where to begin when it comes to having sex during your period? In addition to discussing what is comfortable for both of you, here are a few pointers and tricks. Some says it’s so exciting and for some it’s still question.

  • Make Use of a Towel

Nobody wants to have their linens stained. Fortunately, that is readily remedied with a warm towel or cool towels. Place a towel on your bed before you begin, and then throw it in the washing machine. We propose that you use a dark or crimson towel.

  • Period Sex in the Shower

Not interested in a shambles? Try shower sex during your period. Unlike ordinary period sex, which can wash away the vagina’s natural lubricant, menstrual blood will give precisely the correct quantity of lubricant. The blood will be less noticeable because you’re in the shower, and you wont have to clean it up.

  • Use birth control and engage in sexually responsible behavior

Simply because you are menstruation does not preclude you from becoming pregnant. Even though the chances of pregnancy are lower than at other times of the menstrual cycle, more than 30% of women experience irregular cycles. This means you might not know when you’re menstruating and ovulating. Please consult with a gynecologist to choose the best birth control method. Pregnancy 4 weeks symptoms will plan vital role here while discussing with gynec.

And it’s true that, all STI transmission do not get prevented by all methods of birth control. Again, see a competent medical practitioner about safe relations, whether or not it’s period sex.

Have some fun and be creative during your period. Sex penetration is just one method of making love. Oral stimulation can be just as enjoyable whether or not the recipient is on her period. Many people have no trouble having oral sex during their period; they enjoy the messiness.

  • Do I Need to Use My Menstrual Cup?

Please take out your menstrual cup if you are having intimate interactions with your partner. Every cup is not a birth control method and should not be used during penetration. There is no need to remove your menstrual cup if you have oral period sex. Do whatever feels most natural to you.

  • Sex throughout the period is more popular than ever

Bodies are messy, and it’s time to accept that. Couples worldwide are discovering unique and body-positive ways to express their love, whether or not their spouse is in menstruation. Menstrual cups might be more convenient when a couple making sex during period time.

Though you cannot have penetrative intercourse while wearing a cup, remove your cup before and replace it afterward. If no penetration is occurring, you can wear your EverCup.

Has Sex during your period ever been considered safe?

An in-depth look at the risks and benefits of sexual activity during the first two weeks of your period. Even if you’re on your period, you don’t have to give up sex altogether. Menstrual sex might be more pleasurable for certain women than other times of the month, or in other words we can say pleasure from pain. During your period, the requirement for lubrication decreases, and having an orgasm might help alleviate symptoms such as cramping. For those who suffer from migraines and cluster headaches, the journal Cephalalgia released a study that found that sexual engagement may relieve discomfort for certain people.

Even world experts believe, “Sex is a normal part of life and should be enjoyed by all women.” “Making your menstrual cycle as safe and joyful as possible should be as simple as using effective contraception and protecting yourself against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).”

However, even while on your period, you should be aware of the potential dangers of STIs, disease of heart, and pregnancy before engaging in sexual activity.

When it comes to safe sex during your period, this is what you should know
  • Period Sex Infection Risk

You can still catch or transmit a STI, including HIV treatment, during your period, according to the CDC. Menstrual blood may include virus. For this reason, experts recommend using a condom. Feminine hygiene is most important. Anecdotally, there are two causes for this danger, explains Alex Pavlov, University of Belgrade Faculty of Medicine. “Any bodily fluid can carry HIV or STIs, and [during your period], the cervix opens,” he says. “My advice to women is, use protection.”

You may be more susceptible to illnesses now. American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: Vagina pH ranges from 3.8 to 4.5. (ACOG). During menstruation, the pH of blood rises, allowing yeast to thrive faster. Intercourse during this time can increase vaginal yeast infection symptoms. There’s no proof that having sex during your period increases your risk of yeast infection.

Also, UTIs. Dr. Coleman says some women can get UTIs after sexual activity. This is likely due to bacteria travelling to the bladder during intercourse, but it can happen at any time during menstruation.

  • Perimenopause pregnancy risk

Yes, you can get pregnant during your period, especially if you have intercourse at the end of your cycle (21 to 24 days). Sperm can live in your vagina for five days, so pregnancy is possible; take birth control or contraceptives.

  • Less lubrication needed

Menstrual discharge provides enough lubrication for intercourse during menstruation. Water-based lubricants are safe for sex with condoms, says senior doctors. Silicone and hybrid lubricants are safe for sex and condoms. Mineral oil-based lubricants can degrade condoms, increasing the chance of breakage, he explains. In men case lubrication boost testosterone directly or indirectly.

  • Sex relieves period pain

Having sex during your period may relieve cramps, melancholy, or depression. Orgasms release endorphins like oxytocin in pregnancy and dopamine, which could reduce period symptoms, adds Dr. Vesna “Try,” she says. Oxytocin in men also have noticed for a long time.

Women with endometriosis may feel more incredible menstrual pain and other symptoms and orgasmic discomfort. However, sex doesn’t have to be a pain. The Sooner you share with your doctor, the sooner you’ll feel good and enjoy sex again. How to help with period pains is also big question for some women. Some of them prefer to take pain killers medicine but it’s for short time relief.

  • Period Arousal

Changes in hormone of pregnancy levels may make you more sexually aroused and sensitive. Some women develop pelvic congestion, which boosts sex urge with excite face. For some women, this additional sensitivity makes sex uncomfortable. Birth control choices can make your period shorter, lighter, less frequent, or even eliminate it. Periods are natural, and nothing is embarrassing or nasty about having intercourse. Make sure both couples must feel comfortable. Dr. Vesna, “Don’t assume.” “Answering questions openly and honestly is crucial.” She even have seen many cases where men needs sex addiction counseling especially in women’s period time.

In conclusion I would say that, a couple making sex during period time could be fun but it has to be safe and secure for both of them especially for female because after all it’s her who having to take care of many things. And if possible then they could postpone for some other time or can satisfy with alternate options however, final decision is obviously from their side.

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