Can You Dare To Wear Red Lipstick All Week…?

This week I’m daring us to wear RED lipstick. All week!!! From morning till night, regardless of the occasion, company or mood you’re in. I know, now it is not time to think too much about it… but to divert your mind from bad situations… Challenge is here! So, we’re instigating a ‘Dare of the Week‘ where each week we’ll challenge ourselves to try something that might just be out of our style comfort-zone but might just spice things up a little too.

This week’s dare: Red Lipstick

The rules: Wear red lipstick every day, from when you get dressed in the morning until you brush your teeth before bed at night.

Tips: If you don’t have a great red lipstick, now’s the time to find one. Head off to a cosmetics counter where they should be able to help you find a great red to suit your coloring.

Some tried and true red lipsticks to consider:

  • MAC: Ruby Woo – a matte blue-red, this cult favorite is the preferred lipstick of Dita von Teese.
  • MAC: Russian Red –  a matte dark red.
  • MAC: Lady Danger – an orangey-red that pairs well with MAC’s Redd lip liner.
  • NARS: Heat Wave – a tangerine-based red.
  • NARS: Cruella – a matte red chubby pencil. Try it with Amazon lip liner by NARS.
  • Revlon: Fire & Ice – a bright blue-red that’s been going strong since the ’50s.
  • Maybelline: Red Revival – a deep, satiny red.

How to apply & get it to stay on longer:

  • Buff lips with a washcloth or toothbrush to make sure they are smooth.
  • Swipe with a little lip balm to soften, then blot with a tissue to remove.
  • Dab concealer over lips to give the lipstick something to grip onto.
  • Use a neutral lip liner to softly line the lips and fill in with color.
  • Apply lipstick with a lip brush or directly from the tube – the biggest difference here is how long it takes.
  • Separate a 2-ply tissue and press one layer on top of your lips to blot the color.
  • Reapply and blot again.
  • And to avoid getting lippy on your teeth, poke your finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and pull it out. It’ll remove the parts of the lipstick that would end up smeared on your teeth.

OR, if that’s all too hard:

  • Simply dab the lipstick on your finger and gently smudge it over your lips. It’ll give you a modern, sexy stained look – just be careful to keep within the lines of your lips or you’ll look like you’ve been pushing all afternoon.

Keep the rest of your makeup neutral for a fresh, polished look for a day, and be ready to check and re-apply regularly or you’ll end up with crazy red rings around your mouth.

Share the Dare!

Share the dare with your buddies, and share it back with us to tell us what it’s like. Is it a hassle or easier than you think? How does it make you feel: vamp-ish? camp-ish? tramp-ish? or just totally glam-i-find?

If you’re up for the dare, share your experiences in the comments section below, or on social media feel free to showcase your racy red lips by attaching a photo. Muuuaaahhhh!!!

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