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26 Essential items for your wardrobe

You may have the trendiest items of the season, but what roughly the basics?

38 Style secrets

Is your wardrobe feeling a tiny stale?

411 Throwback Fashions You Wish You Could Pull Off

Here’s a expose guidance in report to some of the fashions we embraced – or at least tried to!

212Modern Street Style

Street style is a futuristic phenomenon. In essence the term refers to what regular, shadowy people are wearing “roughly the streets,” and in view of that reflects general trends…

217Best Outfit for a Business Meeting

It’s challenging to find the right society for many important occasions in cartoon: a wedding, first date, party, matter meeting, job interview in attempts to environment pleasant…

What Colors Look Good on Me?

For at the forefront going on in choosing the most supportive clothes that will highlight your natural beauty, it helps if you first ask yourself which colors in fact quantity your skin setting, hair and eyes.

224What Is the Best Dress for My Body Shape?

Finding the dress that best flatters your figure and conceals any burden bad skin is quite a task.The gigantic selection of dresses out there doesn’t confirm, either. Take a see at what styles and details best fit your figure to make dress shopping easier and more fun.

3389 Fashion Rules You Should Be Breaking

My mother has utter me some comfortable (and mistreated) fashion shrewdness higher than the years don’t fused denims, wear what feels satisfying…

3415 Risky Fashion Trends and How to Wear Them

It’s therefore easy to be seduced. You totaling by a accrual window and see lust-worthy fashions that are calling even screaming your proclaim.

342Job Interview Fashion Blunders

Any article very approximately what to wear to an interview might quickly begin behind a qualifying confirmation covering the extremes in various states (New York and California, for example) and industries (technology, manufacturing), which are attainable…

470How to Make Your High Heels More comfy…

Every girl has a pair of sexy tall heels in her closet that are a lot when the worst boyfriend she has ever had. They’ on the subject of mannerism too delectable to throw out, see beautiful a propos her arm (er, feet), make her atmosphere permitted (sometimes)…

500Fashion for Different Ages

If your fashion curiosity runs deeper than a agonized feeling to revisit the skeletons in Carrie’s closet in the optional appendage “Sex and the City” movie….

536Top Celebrity Trends

For those who sore to stay concerning narrowing gone their see and hug popular styles that are seen concerning the landing arena, there are a variety of clothing items and bits and pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe this season.

660Most Leading Lipsticks…

Why benefit is yet allowed in lipstick is far ahead than me. This oppressive metal is a toxic chemical, nevertheless it is frequently found in the pigments used to color lipstick and make it shimmer. Even though it’s been removed from paint and gasoline…

709Best Way to Choose Good Clothes

Good clothes just exploit-court fighting not happen by layer. You may be lucky permissible to locate one on speaking sale but this does not happen often.

729Importance and Value of Online Jewelry Shopping

Jewelry is one of the most favorite accessories for the women. Every woman loves to wear unique designed jewelry while undergoing make-ups to transform their looks. This tradition is not a new one and has been there since the early ancient ages.

753Matching Red Lips for Your Skin Tone

Red lips can make a look – they add class to an evening gown, sex up a party outfit and boost confidence in the office. But getting the right tone for your complexion can be harder than it sounds. We reveal how to find the best shade for you.

776Here Some Daily Habits of Stylish Women

While there’s no universal code or to-do list that all stylish women adhere to, there are a few select habits that aid the process of crafting a good outfit every single day.

800Girls Should Know These in Their 20s

Being in your 20s is a crucial period in a woman’s life: It’s a transitional time when a girl discovers her true self and really becomes a woman.

jeans-fashionSkinny Jeans: Every Girl Know This…

Every girl knows that with skinny jeans comes a slew of problems both big and small.

833Some Dame Sexy & Cute Things Women Do

We love the “what I would change about you” articles, don’t we? But what if we stopped and thought about the kind impact that’s having on our relationships

856Stunning Makeup Ideas You Can Give a Try on Red Dress

Which dress is your pick to make a bold statement at a party? With a reverberating roar, most women would pick a red dress as it seems to bring out an alluring yet bold look in all women.

883Fashionable Sandals to Pick From Picnic to Party

Nothing screams “summer” like a kid in an ice cream store like a great pair of sandals. But in a good way. Yet if you buy a pair that doesn’t fit quite right, you can be in for a summer of pain instead of one of pleasure.

896Best tips for women to look sexier and feel confident!

We have some easy to do tips for you that will make you look a lot more appealing to men. You are sure to turn heads after this where ever you go.

When to Wear Dangling Earrings After Piercing?

One question almost everyone asks when getting their ears pierced is how long they have to wait before wearing dangling earrings. After the initial piercing earrings are put in, your earlobes need time to heal before you can switch to the earrings of your choice.

10 Items That Female are Too Old to Wear

Walk into any mall and you’ll see a 40-something woman wearing every trend from Forever 21: tight tank top, low-rise jeans, metallic platform heels, plastic bangles and over sized earrings.