bQuestions for Your Potential Baby Doctor

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bbProtect Your Child From Drowning

The best mannerism to teach your child safe water behavior is to practice it yourself.

bbbHealthy Breakfast for Kids

Breakfast is the essential meal for kids. Best tips for making healthy, quick morning meals.

bbbb10 Tips to Keep Kids Fit

The full of life studious year brings habits that in the back occurring kids to become overweight or obese. Here’s how to insist your children lose weight or stay fit all year long

246Anger Management Tips for Children

Your 7-year-antiquated free his lunch child support at book is hand now his play date void. So he slams his Lego tower adjoining the wall, sending bricks flying everywhere.

247Pizza Slice Out of Kids’ Health

Children, teens consume more calories, fat and salt on the subject of the subject of days they eat this American staple.

248How Exercise Can Boost Young Brains

Encourage teenager boys and girls to control, hop, squeal, hop and chase after each new or after erratically kicked balls, and you substantially tote happening their discharge commitment to think, according…

398Tips for Buying Children’s Apps

We recently conducted research which found that many children will reach electronic gifts for the holidays this year. The liking news is that apps are a promising conservatory tool that say literacy, math, science and moving picture skills.

399Reasons Why Children Need Chores…

Doing household chores has many facilitate academically, emotionally and even professionally.

400Your Kids Rule the Roost? Here’s How to Regain Control

You agonized feeling your children to atmosphere empowered, but not entitled. Here are some tips a propos how to find the right add going on.

480Kids Common Sleeping Problems

Look at some common big kid nap problems, including protest, sleepwalking and snoring, and how to uphold your kid nap bigger.

505How to Shop Your Daughter’s First Bra

The first bra buying experience going to be an emotional for parents as it is for daughters. Here are some practical tips to make the shopping process easier.

568Discipline Your Child with Fun & Creativity

Your son has left his breakfast bowl as soon as reference to the table again, even after instinctive asked nicely (OK, sometimes angrily) for the umpteenth era to put taking place taking into account it to the sink….

625Prevent Your Kid from Becoming a Back-to-School Tyrant

If you have a kid that’s prone to bullying or bossing you on, fix your seat belts. The halt of summer is here, and thus are those bedazzling three small words: sustain-to-intellectual.

672Parental Controls on the iPhone

Kids love iPhones. And when anew 1,000 downloadable apps for children in the iPhone amassing, you can locate something to combat all age and book.

711When to Gift Your Kid a Cell Phone?

Many parents anxiety taking into consideration the matter of cell phones for children. What’s the right age for kids to profit cell phones, and what functions are age take control of?

734Children & Media

Following are six areas of technology use that you might want to familiarize yourself with

 Teaching Kids from Stop Lying

It was clear that something serious had happened to the computer screen — all the colors were distorted and smudged together. The magnetic wand from a science kit lay on the floor.

780How Kids Growing Up With Working Parents

It’s fun to go back and reminisce about your childhood. All that freedom, energy and a thirst for learning new things – it really seems like you could accomplish anything at that point.

802Moms Never Do These Things

Being a mom is hard. Being a blissfully happy mom all the time is impossible. Although we haven’t completely cracked the code on how parents can have a smile on their face 24/7, we have learned – often the hard way – what doesn’t work.

814These Signs Says You Really Mom of a Girl

Got girl? Then you know—there are just some things that only moms of girls truly get. Whether your girl is in princess gear 24/7 or loves to wear camo and ride her skateboard, there are definitely things all girl moms share.

838Adorable Facts about Babies

Babies are aggravatingly cute, but to the uninitiated, they’re basically aliens. And even the most experienced parent or childcare provider can still be baffled by one of those amazing, screaming bundles of joy.

8618 Things We Said We Would Never Do for Our Kids

I get a real kick thinking back at my idealistic pre-baby self and musing over my parenting fantasies.

885How to preparing your kids for a sports event

Whether your kids are aiming for a PB, want to try a new sport or are looking to get fitter, training for a sports event is a great way to keep them active. Here are five ways you can help them make the most of the experience.

Parents Should Be Aware of These 5 Apps Children are Using during the School Break

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Down, Instagram, Snapchat. It seems like every day there’s a new app available for children to connect with friends and strangers online.

Things Children Expecting From Their Parents To Do With Them

What do you think matters most to your children? You driving them to lessons and practices, or is it the smile and hug you greet them with after school? If you guessed the latter, you are correct.

Lack of sleep may cause a big problem for kids

I don’t need scientific evidence to tell me that sleep deprivation is bad for my health. With two young kids, two cats and a house on a busy road, I’m perpetually sleep-deprived. Many of us are.

Spanking Your Kid, Is It Okay?

For parents with very strong-willed children, being at home can sometimes feel like a power struggle, and instead of losing all control, spanking becomes a way to immediately enforce rules and good behavior.