185Birth rate together in the middle of U.S. women rises for first period in seven years

Here’s different sign that the economy is rebounding: More people are having babies.

186Caitlyn Jenner Gives Neurosexism uncharacteristic Star Turn

Let’s subside the latest chat of male and female brains previously it goes much extra.

Turkish Women Gain; Appeals Court OKs Abortion Law

The parliamentary elections in Turkey have led to the highest number of female deputies in the country’s records of democracy.

188Julia Gillard’s views nearly sexism in politics are very more or less all girl in all job

Her proficiently-known speech electrified the debate just approximately misogyny in the workplace and the former Australian PM…

189Actresses support ACLU call to investigate Hollywood hiring, bias against female directors

LA, California. The processing has yet to reply to the American Civil Liberties Union’s allegations of discrimination against female filmmakers…

210Ways we can help women in science now

If nothing else, the furor higher than Sir Tim Hunts observations in Seoul to a lunch of women journalists has shown a laser beam to the lot of women in science

Iranian vice-president attacks hardliners over volleyball ban for female fans

One of Iran’s vice-presidents has condemned conservative hardliners who are blocking her turn toward to permit women watch volleyball matches.

326Girls at higher risk for overuse injuries in high school sports

When it comes to overuse injuries in high scholarly sports, girls are at a much standoffish risk than boys, a optional extra study shows.

327Social Caretaking Keeps Nepal Going Post-Quake

During lawless, makeshift epoch, women throughout Kathmandu are playing key roles in holding their families and charity together.

Menopausal Women at Lower Heart Risk than Men of Similar Age

Menopause is commonly considered a risk factor for heart sickness, as the protective effect of estrogen declines.

461How Birth Control Pills Works in Women’s Uterine Cancer…

Taking birth control pills, even for just a few years, offers significant long-term protection joined along in the middle of uterine cancer, pen reveal endometrial cancer, the British researchers said.

Aqeela Asifi: Goddess for Afghan refugee girls

Aqeela Asifi began teaching new Afghan refugees in Pakistan 23 years ago. Now, as she tells Shaimaa Khalil, some of her former pupils have started their own studious. The UN has ascribed Ms Asifi’s dedication gone the 2015 Nansen Refugee Award.

608Emma Watson: I Faced Sexism in Hollywood

The 25-year-pass actress has never been shy approximately expressing her views versus unequal treatment of women in Hollywood. “I have experienced sexism in that I have been directed by male directors 17…

705Most Difficult Interview Questions Answered

Why Should I Hire You? Why Is There A Gap In Your Work History? Tell Me One Thing You Would Change About Your Last Job. Tell Me About Yourself. Explain a Complex Database To Your Eight-Year-Old Nephew….

727Japan’s latest attempt to get more women into the workplace

How best to support “womenomics,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s much-touted push for greater female participation in the national workforce?

751Polish prime minister who favors total ban on abortion

As vote on issue looms in Warsaw parliament, Beata Szydło of Law & Justice party says she supports making terminations illegal.

774Small Village Girl from Himachal Scaled the Highest Mountain Peak in Europe

Akriti Heer, was only 20 when she achieved recognition as the youngest Indian woman to have scaled Mount Elbrus at the time.

shwetha_prabhakaran_white_houseIndian-American teen presented with Champions of Change Award.

A 15-year-old Indian-American girl has been honored by the White House with the prestigious “Champions of Change” award.

women-newsInternational Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Violence against women and girls is a human rights violation, public health pandemic and serious obstacle to sustainable development

831Women’s Movement Will Not Retreat in the Time of Trump

With the election of Donald Trump to the presidency and his conservative agenda, the American women’s rights movement is organizing for battle.

NEWS Girl, 11, set to become Britain’s youngest mother

A girl is reportedly set to become Britain’s youngest mum at just 11 years old.