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Can You Dare To Wear Red Lipstick All Week…?

A beautiful girl wearing jacket & red lipstic walking on street

This week I’m daring us to wear RED lipstick. All week!!! From morning till night, regardless of the occasion, company or mood you’re in. I know, now it is not time to think too much about it… but to divert your mind from bad situations……

How We Destroying Our Lips & How To Take Care

4 unexpected ways lips getting destroyed

It’s times to have the funds for your mouth a little worship Lips profit a raw join up. They’re skinny-skinned, lacking in oil glands, and exposed to the elements. As a repercussion, they’ in the region of easily chapped. Then there’s the age…

10 Beauty Tips For All The Women..

10 beauty tips in womensecret.info

From the era your alarm bell sounds to when you snuggle taking place to slumber, looking your personal best may be an all-daylight ritual — but it’s an investment that will have you not single-handedly looking pretty but feeling that mannerism, too. beauty…