Easy Ways to Boost Your Pets Mood

Is your pet acting…bored? Games of fetch, chasing a string on a stick, or that plastic ball don’t seem to be as exciting as it was a few weeks ago? Well, maybe your pet needs some new stimulus. It’s important to keep our pets happy and that means rotating toys and also keeping their interests perked.

It can also mean changing routines a little bit to add some more fun to their day. If your fuzzy buddy watches the tennis ball roll past them and gives you a look that seems to say, “…is that it?” Then maybe it’s time to think about changing things up a bit.

Here are 5 things that can boost your pet’s mood

Make Meal Times Fun

This is great for any dog that eats way too fast. A puzzle toy where you can stuff treats or some food into will keep your dog busy and also slow down meal times. Your cat can also benefit from treats and food hidden in toys and in boxes. Make it fun and a game. The Everlasting Treat Ball is perfect for keeping your pup interested in what’s inside and also easy to clean.

Turn Nothing into Something

A paper bag with the handles taken off, a box, or a tin foil ball can become new toys for your cat, rabbit, or whatever pet owns you. Sprinkling some catnip in a box, spreading a few treats inside a bag, or whatever works will perk the curious side of your buddy. Tunnels and hideaways can be made from basic household things that you may consider garbage or recycling.

Let your pet play with them first!

Rotate Toys

Even if we know our pets aren’t dopey, an old toy might be entertaining. Instead of keeping all your pets toys out, rotate a few in a box or closet. Throw out the ones that are no longer safe or good to play with, but replace out the others.

Your pet will perk up at seeing a “new” play thing. The Bone Storage Bin is a great place to keep your dog’s toys separate from your kid’s!

Explore New Places

Ok, well it isn’t like you’re going to travel off into a distant land but walking down a different block or adding a few more blocks to your neighborhood walk could perk your pup up. New smells, new places to pee, new things to see, it’s just enough to get their brain moving, their tail wagging, and their heart happy. So when going for walks try a new route or altering an old one.

New Toys To Challenge Your Pet

Sometimes a new item shouldn’t be a remake. If your dog could play outfield for the Yankees, try soccer. Bigger ball needed. Your dog will have to use paws, nose, and new motions to control the ball, and if s/good, he’s s/he’ll learn to dribble it back to you.

Make time with your dogs fun for both of you.


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