Looking For A New Love After Divorce

Looking for a new love? Yes…  most people do and they should. Why not?

My friend said that I must reduce my expectations if I don’t need a guy. What?! No way! I despise that proposal! I am looking for a new love. Cry facing us if you want to. Do not be afraid to be more exposed in our arms. Go out of your anger mood by thinking why can’t I find love.

Below are some points we notice in looking for new love after divorce from a personal perspective.

A fantastic woman does not run out of a guy who yells; she wipes his tears and moans. So, I know that it’s a little unfair, but because I am a girl, I think of a few things that I believe girls want in regards to finding love after divorce. Laugh. Be funny. Be silly. Ladies love funny men! Take it slow in a new love.

Try online dating sites while searching for love. Ladies, it is not like you request these things and your man will perform them and you will live happily ever after. Now you understand the man knows of it. That’s something which you do not have control over.

Here is some piece of advice. Be with someone who really cares about your feelings. Do not complain about your ex on a date because who would like to listen about past. Give yourself space for enjoying. Though divorce & dating are totally opposite of each other they are still connected.

The first relationship after divorce is something you walk barefoot on grass but yes… it’s possible because in the early sate of life some say they are done with dating & some say it’s lasting love. On dating, we would like one to see our new vases or handbag, or our hair cut or pedicure or grin. Be honest around. If you’d like a night out with your pals, say it but don’t be in hurry to say you are the one for me or you’re not the one for me.

Laugh. Be funny. Be idiotic. Lighten the mood when issues become overly severe. We all would like to carry our hands in people with a loving person. Not absolutely all of the time, only sometimes. Peaceful separation is a bonus for anybody. Keep a low profile to your kids on the first meeting because maybe you are going to fall in love after divorce. Enjoy out of the box as you search for love.

Make it to be different, in time to love we wish to be touched (not in bed.) Scratch our spine, put your arm. Ever meet a man or woman you feel adamant about who did not prove to be the Prince or Princess Charming you envisioned? No demand for eye-rolling. It has happened to most of us!  Have enough a date time before getting serious in a relationship or marriage because you are dating after 30.

However long we are at the romance, you would like to get asked on dating express. Everything from a romantic dinner to an informal stay at home movie night! You can inform them that you are looking after them as a commitment to yourself. Enjoy emotionally and physically.

You will adore him/her if he/she cook dinner. I do not care whether it is spaghetti and jar sauce. The idea counts. We want to love each other with romance & kisses until we sleep beside. The first kiss after divorce is some special feelings.

Make yourself feel unique and loved. Start the charm! Sometimes we looking for a good time & it happens that you are shocked as your partner don’t have any hint. Ever meet some man or girl you fell challenging for who did not prove to become the Prince or Princess Charming you envisioned? No demand for eye-rolling. It has happened to us!

My personal thought…

Don’t expect too much in the first meeting as you are looking for a new love.  A question always arises in mind that how to love someone or how to find love after divorce.. but no worries.. you will find…

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