Makeup Tutorial Steps to Look Like a Real Life Doll!

To look as a real doll you don’t need to spend a lot of money or to go in some art studio, just follow these simple makeup tutorial to give yourself a cute and enjoyable look!

Perfect skin
  • Wash and moisturize your face twice a day with a product appropriate for your skin type.
  • Wear sunscreen outdoors (even if it’s not hot) to avoid blemishes, freckles, and sunburn.
  • Use a medicated acne cream to remove pimples and avoid touching your face without washing your hands.
  • Remove makeup and apply foundation before bed time
  • Choose skin foundation, one that perfectly matches your skin tone. That is essential thing for hiding some unwanted spots. Put some foundation out on your hand and use small makeup sponge, dip in it and apply it on your face.
  • Hide dark circles and other imperfections around your eyes with your favorite full-coverage concealer.
  • Dab powder onto his face using a powder puff. This allows you to set your foundation without smudging the perfect finish you’ve already created.
Contour the nose
  • Make it look smaller. Matte (no shimmer) brown eye shadow and a thin makeup brush and start contouring in a straight line from the inner edge of the brow and along the sides of the nose.
  • Using a fan brush to blur the lines a bit will blur the lines and make them look more natural.
Eye shadow
  • Apply light blue eye shadow all over the eyelid.
  • Next, apply a matte white eye shadow to the inner corner of the eye.
  • Next, apply a light pink eye shadow over the crease of the eyelid and draw a semi-circular line across the eyelid.
  • Apply dark blue along the crease of the eyelid, drawing a clear line between the light blue and pink shadows. Use the same dark blue color to line the top and bottom lashes to create a cartoonist look.
Eyeliner and false eyelashes
  • Take a white eyeliner and use it on your waterline (inside your bottom lashes). This will make eyes appear larger and wider.
  • Take false lashes (the style you think is most Barbie-esque) and measure against your natural lashes. Cut to length (from the inside) if necessary.
  • Apply a line of eyelash glue and wait 1-2 minutes for it to become tacky. Next, gently apply false eyelashes to your own eyelashes.
  • For a true Barbie effect, apply a half-length false eyelash strip to the bottom lash line, running from the outer corner to the center of the eye.
Pink blush and lip color
  • Apply pink powder  with a brush along his cheekbones.
  • Apply shimmery pink lipstick to your lips. Use a lip brush to define the edges of your lips for a more precise shape.
  • To create a doll-like effect, pick up a concealer and apply it around the outside of your lips for a defined effect. Blend the concealer with a brush and apply loose powder on top.
  • Pick up some pink lip gloss and apply it on top of your lipstick to add some shine.

If some of makeup tutorial tips you don’t like or you don’t need it you can skip and make your own unique look! Make a fun!

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